Rubber products

There are two types of rubber that can be used as raw materials – natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Unlike natural rubber that can be extracted from naturally occuring jelly, synthetic rubber is produced using fossil fuels such as petroleum. It is used heavily in the automobile and construction sector as well as in heavy industrial processes. Products like conveyor belts, tubes, hoses, seismic bearings and several other products are made using synthetic rubber, which is hardier and has wider applicability than natural rubber.

Rubber compounds

Our wide range of rubber compound types can be moulded into a variety of products for different applications.

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Moulded rubber products

Moulded rubber products are used in almost every industry.

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Extruded rubber products

The extrusion method allows to create rubber products of various profiles of unlimited length.

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Silicone products

The advantages of silicone products are increased heat resistance and durability. Such products are used widely in Energy, Food production and other industries.

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Consumer rubber products

BGF Rubber also produces popular consumer goods products such as plungers, hockey pucks, watering tubes and plumbing gaskets.

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Custom rubber products

BGF Rubber has the ability and potential to create customised rubber products of all kinds to meet every client requirement.

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