Custom rubber products

BGF Rubber also creates custom rubber products according to client specifications. It can work with a variety of rubber compounds to create perfect products that fit client specifications and expectations.

Moulding capabilities

BGF Rubber has proficient moulding capabilities. It uses various techniques like injection presses and compression using both the moulds it has developed as well as the set of moulds owned by the client.


BGF Rubber uses only the best, premium quality materials for its rubber products. It employs trusted suppliers from across Europe which are in full compliance with REACH standards to ensure safety and quality. High-quality materials are mixed using intensively modern and upgraded mixing equipment to get the most out of any and all kinds of rubber compounds. We have the technology and range to produce a variety of rubber compounds that can be used for multiple products.

Our laboratory

The quality of the rubber compounds and ready-made products produced by BGF Rubber is examined in our fully-equipped and upgraded laboratory where we use systems including the Mooney viscosimeter, Rheometer TECH PRO, tensiometer, the Zwick Abrasion Tester for testing the products for wear resistance. The equipment is designed to ensure the stability and quality of rubber compounds.