Your ideas. Our flexible solutions

Our story

We produce rubber, the material that most often performs its mission in the shadow of other more visually striking materials. Rubber is not called either the foundation, or the spine, or the top of anything. However, all too often it is thanks to the rubber that everything sticks together and works. To connect or vice versa reliably isolate, to give solid materials flexibility and reliability, cushioning and functionality – all these are invisible properties of rubber.

The properties of our products perfectly characterize the entire company. We know that any innovations in any industry will be associated with new technical solutions. So that ideas do not remain ink on paper, someone will have to say – yes, it is possible, and we’ll do it. This is our most important principle – to see opportunities and find a way to bring them to life.

We are flexible regarding the development of new solutions – just as we are stubborn about our principles. We keep our word within the full production cycle – from the rubber compounds to the finished product, with our own laboratory, professional technical support and expert advice, quick timelines and a wide range of finished products.

Yes we can. And we’ll do it.

Our values


The basis of our success is a willingness to accept orders of any volume. We can offer proven standard solutions as well as quickly and efficiently complete unique individual orders


Modern laboratory and technical equipment support our willingness to find and implement new ideas


We are proud that even the many years of experience of our experts and craftsmen does not lose its flexibility and develops with each new task and modernization of production


The Company was established in September 1998 as a result of the largest and the oldest in Baltic states rubber products manufacturer JSC “Kvadrāts” reorganization (was founded in 1924 under the name of Baltic India Rubber Company “Quadrat”).