Silicone products

The main products of this group are cords, tubes and profiles of varying complexity and silicone plates. Small moulded products for the food industry are also made from silicone. The advantages of silicone products are increased heat resistance and durability.

The products of this group are used widely in various industries, but the main areas are energy and food industry.

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BGF Rubber uses only the best, premium quality materials for its rubber products. It employs trusted suppliers from across Europe which are in full compliance with REACH standards to ensure safety and quality. High-quality materials are mixed using intensively modern and upgraded mixing equipment to get optimum use out of any and all kinds of rubber compounds. We have the technology and range to produce a variety of rubber compounds that can be used for multiple products.


Rubber can easily be customised to meet specific client requirements and preferences. BGF Rubber possesses the necessary technical know-how and expertise needed to get clients the products they need. We can develop all varieties of moulded rubber products in compliance with the client's needs and requirements as per the drafts or samples provided by them.

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