Seals and gaskets

Most often rubber is used for the manufacture of seals and gaskets. This is due to the main property of this material – elasticity (the ability to withstand significant recoverable deformations). A gasket or a seal in a fixed connection tightly locks the joint providing protection from dust and dirt penetrating from the environment, operating vacuum or protection from leaks (water, gasoline, oil or milk, juices, vegetable oil, etc. when used in food production) depending on working conditions. In movable joints, seals also provide protection against dust, dirt and oil leaks.

The most common types of seals are:

  • round and square section rings,
  • gland seals,
  • reinforced gland seals (stuffing boxes),
  • wiper seals.

In addition, products with special dimensions and operating properties are often needed. BGF Rubber has all the production capabilities for mass production of both standard and specially-designed seals and gaskets.

We provide an optimal selection of material taking into account:

  • Operating environment and resistance to aggressive and active substances (acids, alkali, petroleum products).
  • Food grade product manufacture, if necessary
  • Operating temperature ranges from -60 to +320оC.
  • Products able to operate under excessive pressure.
  • Manufacturing seals reinforced with fabric and metal elements in case additional strength must be provided.

Seals are made by direct compression moulding or casting. We provide the design and manufacture of the necessary production tooling.

In the manufacture of complex products, we plan a programme of testing and optimisation of set properties together with the customer.

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