Rail Rubber Pads

Rail rubber pads perform the functions of shock absorbers of a railway track, provide longitudinal resistance to rail displacement and compensate for dynamic loads on sleepers and also perform the function of electrical insulation.

The capabilities of BGF allow the selection of the necessary rubber compound with minimal compression set even at regular intensive loads. Rubber pads are highly resistant to aging in the air and exposure to sunlight.

Operating temperature range is from -600C to + 600C.

Rail pads are manufactured in accordance with customer specifications. We are ready to undertake the development of design documentation. All the necessary production and technological equipment is also manufactured in-house by BGF.


Rail pads for W14, W21, W30 rail fastening systems

Name Dimensions (mm)
ZW 900dNT-201 180x139x9
ZW 1000dNT-85 175x139x10
ZW 900TT-124 180x124x9
ZW 900TT 180x149x9
ZW 700NT /139/160-60 160x139x7
ZW 700NT /129/160-60 160x129x7


Rail pads for KB65, ZBR, ARS-4 rail fastening systems

Name Dimensions (mm)
CP-328 asymmetric
CP-356 R65 165x148x7
CP-356 R50 166x130x10
CP-318-03-1 163x150x8/11
CP-318-02 163x150x6/9
CP-248 190x148x10
ARS-4 210x152x14

Other types of rail pads

Name Dimensions (mm)
Noise reducing rubber pad 195x190x10
V 680.133 190x140x5
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