Sealing Cords

Designed to seal fixed detachable joints with a working fluid pressure of up to 1 MPa


Product shape

  • Round cross-section. Diameter from 2 to 63 mm.
  • Rectangular cross-section. Side from 3.2 to 50 mm.

Cords with a diameter of up to 20 mm are supplied in reels of arbitrary length, cords of a larger diameter are supplied in straight sections of 2900 (± 100 mm).


Cord types

Type Operating environment and conditions
Acid and alkali resistant Solutions of alkalis and acids with a concentration of up to 20%, water, air. Temperature from -30 to + 700C
Heat resistant Air (up to 900C), air-steam (up to 1400C). From -30 to +1400C
Frost resistant Air, nitrogen, inert gases from -45 to +500C
Oil and petrol resistant Oil, gasoline from -30 to +500C
Multipurpose Solutions of acids and alkalis with a concentration of up to 20%, water, air, air-steam, air, nitrogen, inert gases, oil, gasoline. From -50 to +500C
Food grade Food products. From -30 to +500C


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