Silicone sponge cords

Having all the useful properties of silicone rubber, silicone sponge cords are also able to absorb vibrations. That makes it highly demanded in sealing junctions with regular incentive mechanical impact.
Generally, silicone sponge cords have substantially smaller density and weight in comparison with regular silicone cords, but compression set characteristics are the same. It means that cords can keep their geometrical shape even in rough working conditions with active and incentive mechanical impact.

Factor Value
Material VMQ
Hardness (Shor)  From 5 to 15
(depends on customers demand)
High-temperature limit (oC) 200
Low-temperature limit (oC) -60
Elongation at break (%) 145
Tensile strength (МПа) 0.60
Compression set after 22 hours and temperature 70oС (%) 3.80


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