Rubber for Transformers and Electrical Equipment

Rubber for the manufacture of insulating and fixed joints of transformers and similar electrical facilities, it is resistant to transformer oils and possesses high dielectric performance.

Performance options

  • Universal
  • With increased resistance to ozone aging

It is possible to supply both a semi-finished product for further independent cutting of gaskets and finished products according to customer drawings.

Technical specifications

Indicator Universal rubber With increased resistance to ozone aging
Operating temperature range From -60 to +100оС From -55 to +50оС
Hardness (Shore) 55-65 70-80
Mass change after exposure to transformer oil at + 1000C for 24 hours (%) From -3 to +5
Nominal tensile strength, MPa (kgs/cm2), not less 6,4 (65) 7,8 (80)
Elongation at break, %, not less 200 160
Rate of set under compression in air for 24 hours,%, not more than:
At 500C under 20% compression
At 1000C under 30% compression

Coefficient of frost resistance for elastic recovery after compression, not less than:
At a temperature of -45оС
At a temperature of -50оС



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