Rubber Seals for Hydraulic Structure Gates

Rubber seals for gates of hydraulic structures are designed to seal and cushion the gates of hydraulic structures operating in fresh or sea water.

Seals are efficient in temperate climates at temperatures from -350C to +700C.

Depending on the purpose, the seals are divided into following groups:

  • Group 1 – products designed for sealing low-pressure gates with a water pressure of up to 30 m;
  • Group 2 – products designed for sealing high-pressure gates with a water pressure of more than 30 m.
Name Item sketch
Type II Seal
Type IIo Seal
Type IIa Seal
Type IIb Seal
Type IIc Seal (Item Group 2)
Type IId Seal (Item Group 1)
Type IIbo Seal (Item Group 2)
Type IIdo Seal (Item Group 1)
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