Moulded Products for Automotive Industry

BGF Rubber is a full cycle manufacturer. The quality management system is certified according to ISO-9001. We have considerable experience in working with manufacturers of motor vehicles and automotive components and are ready to offer launching into serial production of moulded rubber products for the automotive industry of any degree of complexity.

We are ready to provide the customer with:

  • Preparation of design documentation.
  • Development and manufacturing of technological and control equipment.
  • Selection of rubber with specified physical and mechanical properties.
  • Minimum terms for launching into serial production.

We are ready to implement the introduction of both standard parts (oil seals, collars, dust guards, gaskets) and specific products. Together with the customer, pilot tests are conducted during which full compliance of the finished product with the requirements is achieved.

Close collaboration with customers allows us not only to fully take into account their wishes, but also to make suggestions on streamlining and improving the working properties of the product.

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