Milking Liner

  • Performance options: silicone and food rubber.
  • 100% food grade approved.
  • High elasticity is combined with the strength of the material. Milking liner retains the shape of the working part for a long time without stretching and tearing.
  • The design of the milking liner provides a convenient and reliable setting on the teat cup of the milking machine and the complete tightness of the vacuum chamber.
  • The types of rubber used have low adhesion, in other words, no milk residues accumulate on the inner walls and no milk stone forms – the major cause of udder injuries resulting in the development of mastitis and similar diseases.
  • Micro cracks in which microorganisms can accumulate also do not form on the inner surface. As a result, the quality of milk always complies with hygiene standards.


Scheme of the teat cup and milking liner

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